Mooring compensators!

Take care of your boat!

The mooring compensator gives a soft and secure mooring that eases the straining of the boat. It is made of EPDM rubber with good durability against hard weather and saltwater, and is availiable in four different dimensions.

The mooring line is put through the compensator without any knots or fittings. Easy to mount. The cushioning that is attained preserves the line in a good condition. The compensator can also be used in a number of other areas, for example for easier tethering of horses when transported, or by towing cars. Why not find other uses for the product. You can give us a tip!

Normaly they are produced in grey natural rubber NR. ROHS and REACH approved off course.

Mooring compensators.

Easy fitting

Burn or tape the end of the line. Put the compensator where appropriate on the line, and put the line through the compensator as shown in figure 1. stretch the line until it is pulled down in the countersink.

By putting the line as shown in fig 2 you get a loop with both a powerful locking and suspension.

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