Fluorcarbon rubber materials (flour elastomers) composed of various fluorinated hydrocarbons.

Occurs as copolymer, terpolymer, and tetrapolymer with flour contents which varies between 65% – 70%. Several different cure systems exist: amines, bisphenols or peroxides. The materials are very stable and possesses an exceptional resistance to oxidation, weather, fire, chemical attack and swelling in a very wide range of liquids. For use in critical applications where resistance to various fuels and chemicals at high temperatures is required.

Can be used up to 200 ° C and for a shorter time up to 300 ° C. Used in the O-rings, seals, gaskets, fuel hoses, membranes and conduits. Fluorcarbon rubber is expensive, about 30-40 times more expensive than SBR. Most common flourcarbon rubber is VITON ® made by DuPont Tm.