Rubber feets.

We have a standard range of rubber feets. As standard, they are either NR or SBR. The rubber feets are included in our standard range, where they are available in black or gray, with or without washer. If you need a standard rubber foot, or if you need another material, or another color is desired, please contact us for a quotation.

For example silicone (Q) where any color can be selected alternatively in NBR if the rubber foot has contact with oil or grease. We can help you to develop your own rubber foot according to customer requirements.

Check with us at Gotlands Gummifabrik AB if you are in need of rubber feets. We have years of experience in rubber manufacturing, and together with you, we make sure that you get the right solution.

We have a standard range of rubber feets.
Art No A B C
1220 13 1,5 6
1221 19 4 7
1222 21 4 10
1223 23 4 13
1224 24 3 7
1226 22 6 19
1227 22 7 19
1243 15 3 13