Polyurethane Rubber AU/EU. A strong material with a tensile strength up to more than 25 MPa.

Based on polyurethane. With a high tensile strength and also the best wear resistance of all material the material is an excellence choice for parts that need mechanical resistance, durability and oil resistance.  The big volume is used in plastic production and also for thermo elastic production glue etc. But in some cases you need a part in Polyurethane rubber. For plastic Polyurethane customer please contact our owner UW-Elast AB.

Polyurethane rubber consist of 3 components:

Polyol, ester or eter type. (AU resp EU type), Isocyanate and Hardener.

Used for:

  • Hard wheels.
  • Gaskets.
  • Seals.
  • Professional hand tools.
PU EU Uretan rubber cover