New email adresses

The following email adresses are created today: sales(@) quality(@) Our info(@) has been canceled due to a lot of Spam.


Acquisitions of TM Rubber Poland

Now we are growing in silicone and liquid silicone production due to the acquisition of TM Rubber in Poland. We are pleased to inform that to you. TM Rubber works mainly with medtech and food graded products for the Scandinavian market. They are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. We will produce all silicone [...]


New Quality and Environmental Manager

As from 3 th of January we have a new Quality and Environmental manager at Gotlands Gummifabrik AB. Margaretha Bolin Worked for over 20 years at Samhall AB as Quality and Environmental coordinator. We are glad to have her at our organisation. Jimmy Hofacker CEO