Rubber – when required precision and flexibility

Rubber and silicone rubber are fantastic material that combines strength and flexibility. It can withstand impacts and friktion and it can be moulded into smooth details perfect for your fingertip when dealing with sensitive instruments.

Parts to a thermal camera is one example where we combine these qualities. Rubber that protect the camera from impacts and also from cooling, heating and chemicals. Still with a possibility to maintain movement and sensitivity.

Silikon och gummi för formgivare och konstruktörer

Silicone Q

Many designers have discovered the great benefits of silicone. Silicone rubber of a very wide range. It can be manufactured in an almost infinite number of colors. It is cold- and heat resistant and some qualities are food graded. Something that has become interesting for designers of furniture and domestic products.

Contact our mould shop directly. We can in an early stage help you with tecnical issues concerning design and material. We can work with drawings and several types of design files. We can also help you with a design or a drawing.

Read about grubberfeets of EPDM and CR here.

Are you interested to get your own rubber or silicone product manufactured? Contact our Sales Manager:

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