GDPR – Gotlands Gummifabrik AB / Extern policy

Through the tightening requirements introduced by GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – for handling of personal data it is important that the customers, suppliers and stakeholders of GGF AB feels safe in how GGF handle their personal data.

GGF handle information about:

Customers – contact, name, title, mailadress, telephone number

Suppliers    – contact, name, title, mailadress, telephone number

Stakeholders – contact, name, title, mailadress, telephone number

What information leaves GGF:

Normally no data mentioned above leaves GGF.

How GGF ensure the registration is legal:

When signing an agreement the customer, supplier or stakeholder agrees that GGF stores first name, surname and the contact information that requires for GGF to be able to implement and document their mission to customer, supplier or stakeholder.

GGF protects all information according to applicable law.

GGF do not store data for longer time then necessary for our cooperation or to meet legal requirements.

Access, correction and erasure:

You have the right to ask for information about the personal data GGF has stored of you as a customer, supplier or stakeholder. You have also the right to ask for change of data, supplement to data, block data or erasure of data.

Contact for information or complaints:

Gotlands Gummifabrik AB      Kodingsgatan 8 623 50 Hemse

Telephone: +46 498 25 34 57


VD – Jimmy Hofacker

Hemse 2018-08-31