Gotlands gummifabrik AB work with the sharpest technology, quality controlled production and with high delivery reliability. When you work with us you will also notice our commitment and ability to set up to solve the problem even when time is short.

Rubber production in the easiest way is like making a waffle. You load your uncured rubber piece in a mould and under high pressure you cure the part. You can also inject the uncured rubber piece with the help of a plunge or inject the rubber material in a channel system. Thick rubber and silicone details are cured at lower temperature for a longer period of time while the thin rubber and silicone parts will be finished earlier in the higher temperature.

The mould consists of an upper and a lower half and are made of durable steel. The cavities are made by turning, EDM and / or milling. After mounting the mould in the machine, the mould is heated up to operating temperatures between 150 and 180 degrees. The raw material ie rubber substance is added by hand or automatically injected through channels to the cavities. The hydraulic piston compresses the mould with high pressure and the rubber / the silicone parts are cured and become stable. This usually takes between 1-5 minutes, but may take up to 20 minutes for larger rubber and silicone parts. Some details of rubber or silicone are after cured in an oven.

After the pressing we deflash the parts manually or in a freeze blaster or a freeze tumbler. As refrigerants we use liquid nitrogen. After deflashing we control the details and after that we pack and ship them to the customer. Some parts we assemble before delivery.